Features and instructions

  • Hot runner system nozzle is designed according to different product requirements. There are two types of open gate and valve gate hot nozzles.

Advantages of hot runner system

  • Reduction in scrap and maunal operstion such as sprue trimming and scrap crushing.
  • Cycle time reduction : hot runner could help runner freeze more quickly and simplify molding process such as runner removing. 
  • Make the most of machine capability :  less reaction force from hot runner system, shorter cycle time, less clamping force. 
  • Engry save : Engry is spent on preparation stage to heat up maniflod and materail.  But there will be less engry input when molding process begins.
  • Simplify mold design and enable automated production.
  • For big part, hot runner system could help solve pressure loss issue when using cold runner system.
  • A less pressure loss could help injection more efficiently.
  • Continuous packing effect could help reduce part shrinkage.
  • By temperature control and valve gate control, hot runner system could make flow balance more easily.
  • A sequence controled valve gate system could help produce a weld line free part.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • According to the necessary, we can choose by using Sprue gating or Pin-point gating nozzle.
  • The sprue nozzle is the most popular type. Not only it's suitable for almost all of the plastic material but also it provides easy color change.
  • The pin-point gating nozzle:It provides good gate mark, reduction in raw materials consumption, and reduction of finishing work on molding.
  • There are AESB, ANPR, ANPT, NL-ANPT and other specifications.


  • No stringing, no drooling, no residue in the gate. Very good gate mark.
  • Because it can provide bigger gate size, therefore it is very suitable for big size injection molding. Also lower injection pressure and less stress during molding.
  • A sequence controlled valve gate system could help produce a no weld line part.  
  • We provide AVMT, SVDT, NL-SVDP, SVG types.

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